10-12-18 102B School website renovation
10-12-18 101B School-based Speech Therapy Service
10-12-18 100B Tree Top Cottage
10-12-18 e007B 3×3 basketball competition
06-12-18 103B Students’ Safety
03-12-18 099B Parents Meeting on P6 SSPA
03-12-18 098B Reminder of Outdoor learning Journey to Ocean Park
28-11-18 096B ‘Emotional Well-being’ Parent’s Seminar
28-11-18 095B Outdoor Mission Day of UAP – P.6
21-11-18 097B Inter-schools Football Competition
21-11-18 e005B Results of various 95th Anniversary competitions
19-11-18 094B ‘One Person, One Flower’ Scheme
19-11-18 093B X’mas holidays & celebration
19-11-18 092B Purchasing 2nd Term Textbooks
14-11-18 e004B Wrong Size of Winter Uniform
13-11-18 091B Influenza
13-11-18 090B Student participants of School Anniversary (Carnival Student Helpers)
13-11-18 089B Student participants of School Anniversary (Opening Ceremony Student Participants)
13-11-18 088B Student participants of School Anniversary (Carnival Student Performers)
12-11-18 087B Lion Dance Performance at New Year Party of PTA of Central Western District
12-11-18 086B Understanding Adolescent Project – P.6 
9-11-18 e003B Change of Winter Uniforms
6-11-18 085B Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce’s Inauguration Ceremony
5-11-18 084B Royal Academy of Dancing Grade Examination Training
5-11-18 083B Outdoor Mission Day of P.5 UAP
5-11-18 082B 95th Anniversary souvenir
5-11-18 081B 95th Anniversary Rehearsal and School Hours
1-11-18 080B 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 
31-10-18 079B Purchasing Cultural Folk Dance Costume
29-10-18 PTA003B Parent Volunteer Recruitment
29-10-18 e002B Scholarships of CSSHK
29-10-18 e001B Change of Winter Uniforms
29-10-18 078B  95th Anniversary celebration
29-10-18 077B Purchasing Ukulele
29-10-18 076B P.2-P.5 First Term Summative Assessment, P.6 SSPA
29-10-18 075B P.1 Learning Activities and Assessment Policy
22-10-18 074B Inter-schools Football Competition
22-10-18 072B Cricket Class
15-10-18 PTA002B  13th Annual Parent-Teacher Association and PTA fee 
15-10-18 071B Dengue Fever and anti-mosquito measures 
15-10-18 069B Lion-Dance-Team-Recruitment
15-10-18 068B West Island Inter-school Swimming Gala
15-10-18 067B Visual Arts learning field trip
15-10-18 066B Parental Consent Form – Transfer of Student Information on Special Educational Needs
15-10-18 065B Outdoor Learning Journey to Ocean Park 
15-10-18 064B reminder of school picnic
10-10-18 063B Shantou Admission notice
10-10-18 062B Zhaoqing Admission notice  
8-10-18 061B Percussion Band Performance
8-10-18 060B Ordering of Winter Uniforms
8-10-18 059B CONSENT School-based Speech Therapy Service
8-10-18 058B Notice on Purchasing fencing gloves
8-10-18 057B 100 Fun Chinese Class
8-10-18 056B P.2 Game booth assessment 1
8-10-18 055B P.1 Game booth assessment 1
8-10-18 054B Halloween Fund-Raising Activity
26-9-18 053B Playroom Helper & Tidy Dressing I Did It Training Group
26-9-18 052B LeadershipTraining Group
26-9-18 051B 2018 Community Planting day
26-9-18 050B Let’s be friends 
24-9-18 048B Student Support Programme (SSP) Class B 
24-9-18 047B Student Support Programme (SSP) Class A 
24-9-18 046B Student Financial Assistance
24-9-18 045B Active School Annual Fun Day 
24-9-18 044B Chinese dance training programme 
24-9-18 043B Shantou Sister School Trip
24-9-18 042B Zhaoqing  Sister School Trip 
17-9-18 040B School Smartphone App and eCircular
17-9-18 038B 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival_OpenClass 
17-9-18 037B Understanding Adolescent Project 
17-9-18 036B Subject-based Enrichment Class
17-9-18 035B Subject-basedTutorial Class 
17-9-18 034B Adaptation Class for P1-P6 
17-9-18 033B After-School Tutorial Class for P.1 to P.2 NCS Students
17-9-18 032B Community Chest Dress Special Day 2017
11-9-18 031B 2019 Primary One Admission
10-9-18 030B English Drama Training Program 
10-9-18 029B Musical Training Program (Vocal Team) 
10-9-18 028B Musical Training Program (Non-instrument Team) 
10-9-18 027B CONSENT School-based Speech Therapy Service 
10-9-18 026B School-based Speech Therapy Service 
10-9-18 025B Percussion Band Training Programme 
10-9-18 024B Musical Training Program (Non-instrument Team) (3rd Audition) 
10-9-18 023B Early Identification and Intervention of Learning Difficulties Progamme 
10-9-18 021B Purchasing 022B Purchasing Maths Supplementary Exercise (P.6 SE) )10.9.18)Maths Supplementary Exercise (P.6 PME) 
10-9-18 020B Purchasing Maths Supplementary Exercise (P.4 – P.5 SE Book A and B)
10-9-18 019B Purchasing Maths Supplementary Exercise (P.4 – P.5 PME Book A and B) 
10-9-18 018B Western District Junior Police Call – Family Inclusive Play Day
10-9-18 017B Pop Band Training Programme
10-9-18 016B Survey of musical instrument learning 
10-9-18 015B Whole-year Newspaper Subscription 
10-9-18 014B School Picnic  
10-9-18 013B Extra-Curricular Activities 
7-9-18 012B Taekwondo Performance 
4-9-18 PTA001B The 13th Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) meeting
4-9-18 011B Boy’s Football team training program 
4-9-18 010B Volleyball training program
4-9-18 009B Basketball training program
4-9-18 008B Chinese Dance School Team Selection
3-9-18 007B Lion Dance Team performace
3-9-18 006B Be vigilant against Dengue Fever and anti-mosquito measures
3-9-18 005B 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 1
3-9-18 004B School Physical Fitness Award Scheme Parents Consent Form
3-9-18 003B Student’s  Health Status and Religious Practice
3-9-18 002B Lunch Service
3-9-18 001B Learning Material Fee
12-7-18 218B General Reminders For the New School Year