Lunch Alternative Ways: 1.To bring self-heating lunch boxes 2.To place an order from the designated lunch box provider   The Lunch Box Provider provides: A set of lunch utensils and a tray for P.1  students     Lunch Time     Education for Living 1.Eating Etiquette                  …

Tropical Cyclones and Heavy Persistent Rain Arrangements

Tropical Cyclones Arrangements   When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 is issued, classes of school will be suspended. When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 is issued, school operates as usual. Parents should pay attention to the announcement of Education Bureau (EDB). In case of suspension of classes, parents should arrange your children to return…



Date Circular 08-07-21 124B General Reminders For the New School Year 05-07-21 e123B Little Reading Master 02-07-21 122B Purchasing of School Yearbook 28-06-21 120B Reading the multiplication table 28-06-21 118B Second Term Parents’ Day(Zoom meeting) 28-06-21 e121B P.4-P.5 Parents’ Meeting of Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) 23-06-21 119B Speech Day 15-06-21 117B COVID-19 Vaccination Programme…