Lunch Alternative Ways: 1.To bring self-heating lunch boxes 2.To place an order from the designated lunch box provider   The Lunch Box Provider provides: A set of lunch utensils and a tray for P.1  students     Lunch Time     Education for Living 1.Eating Etiquette                  …

Tropical Cyclones and Heavy Persistent Rain Arrangements

Tropical Cyclones Arrangements   When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 is issued, classes of school will be suspended. When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 is issued, school operates as usual. Parents should pay attention to the announcement of Education Bureau (EDB). In case of suspension of classes, parents should arrange your children to return…


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Date Circular 28-06-22 170B Transfer of Student Information on Special Educational Needs(ALA_Borderline) 27-06-22 e168B Hong Kong Book Fair Visiting 27-06-22 e167B Book store Visiting 27-06-22 166B Special Arrangement After the 2nd Term Assessment 20-06-22 e164B P.6 Graduation Day Camp 13-06-22 161B Purchasing 1st Term Textbooks 13-06-22 e159B Summer Extra-Curricular Activities 09-06-22 162B Parental Consent Form…