Learning Support





  1. To identify students who may have individual learning differences and provide adequate supports to them as soon as possible.
  2. To help students who have special learning needs.
  3. To assist students in learning Chinese and English languages, and to nurture students to develop positive learning attitude by adopting various teaching strategies effectively.
  4. To increase their learning efficiency by enhancing their knowledge other than those leant in schools and to increase their sense of belongings and commitments to the community




  1. To provide supportive measures to students who have individual learning differences.
  2. To increase students’ learning capacity and efficiency after school classes.
  3. To encourage teaching staff  to take up related professional training courses.


l. Special Education (Cater students who have Special Education Needs)


  1. School-based Educational Psychology Service
    School-based Educational Psychologist gives advice and professional support to students, parents and teachers
    to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness.
  1. Speech Therapy Service
    To assist students in improving their pronunciation, expression in languages and communication ability by carrying out:
    (i) Individual and Group Therapy,
    (ii) Workshops or Talks with students, parents and teachers.
  1. Individualized Education Program
    To improve the learning performance, self-management and social skills of students who have special education needs (SEN).
  2. SEN Training Class in Homework Time (2:30-3:20 p.m.)
    To arrange appropriate support and training for the students who have special education needs (SEN).
  3. Peer Supportive Measures in:(i) Reading Chinese and English Books
    (ii) Writing Chinese Characters
    To raise SEN students’ interest in reading through story-telling and writing Chinese Characters with upper grade students in school.




ll. After-School Learning Support


  1. Chiu Sheung School, Hong Kong
  2. Caritas Mok Cheung Sui Kun Community Centre
  1. To support Newly Arrival Children and Returnee Children adapt to the local education system and new life in Hong Kong.
  2. Help them to acquire basic learning skills and cope with learning difficulties.
  3. Help them to build up self-confidence and acquire problem-solving skills.
  • Tutorial Time
  • Basic English and Chinese
  • Study skills
  • Visits
  • Personal Development and Social Adaptation
Time:       3:25 – 4:40p.m. (Monday to Thursday)
Venue:       Classroom
  1. P.1 to P.6 Children Newly Arrived from the mainland
  2. P.1 to P.6 Returnee Children
Qualification of teachers: Qualified teachers or University graduates with teaching experience
Ratio: 1 teacher to 15 pupils
Tutorial fee: Free
Total number of classes: 1 classes



lll. School-based After-School Learning and Support Programmes


Organization: Chiu Sheung School, Hong Kong
Aims: To support Needy Students to participate in after-school activities with a view to  facilitating their whole-person development and personal growth
Content Interest Class
Pupils: P.1 to P.6 Needy Students
Time: To be confirmed
Venue: To be confirmed
Fee: Free










課後學習支援計劃(Chinese only)

    1. 二零二三/二四學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動計劃表
    2. 二零二二/二三學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動報告表
    3. 二零二二/二三學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動計劃表
    4. 二零二一/二二學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動報告表
    5. 二零二一/二二學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動計劃表
    6. 二零二零/二一學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動報告表
    7. 二零二零/二一學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動計劃表
    8. 二零一九/二零學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動報告表
    9. 二零一九/二零學年校本課後學習及支援計劃_校本津貼-活動計劃表