Visual Arts


Aims of the Subject



The aim of the subject is to nurture students three Generic Skills: Creativity, Effective Communication and Critical Thinking. With these three skills, students are ready to develop other kind of generic skills and also to archive the following four Learning Objectives:


  1. To bring up Creativity and Imagination
  • Students are able to acquire skills such as “Exchange of Idea”, “Observation”, “Memorization”, “Utilization of Visual Elements” as well as “Organization” and come up with idea through creative thinking and imagination through participation in Art activities.
  1. To develop Skills through experience in Art creation
  • Students make use of different kinds of materials, elements and resources to present their ideas through Art works meanwhile exploration and experience during the process of making Art Work are emphasized.
  • There are six main topics in this course: Drawing, Design, Sketching, Printing, Sculpture and Craft. Student will learn the characteristic of different media and which to select to present their concept and idea.
  1. To develop the ability of Art Appreciation and Judgment
  • Students are able to provide detailed feedback against Art related questions.
  • Students are able to describe the content and visual elements in Art works, and clearly express their idea according to the technique, meaning, visual element and organization of different Art Works.
  1. To understand the background of Art
  • Students are able to understand the relationship between Arts and the Society by learning various kinds of arts culture, art works and festivals that represent different culture and life style.
  • Students are able to discuss and analyze the characteristic and meaning of the local, Chinese and western art work.


Introduction of Curriculum

Aims of the Subject:

  1. To encourage students to have actively involved in Art activities in which they make use of their creativity and imagination to visualize their ideas.
  2. To learn the characteristics of different media of art and select the appropriate media to express their thoughts through participating in Art activities.
  3. To be able to provide feedback and judgment on Art Work based on different perspectives of Art.
  4. To inspire the artistic sense of students such that they are able to provide both sensible and perceptual feedback on the connection between Arts and Society


Subject Activities

A: Visual Art Specialization

In order to enrich the Art knowledge and to develop generic skills of our students, we have invited Professional Artists to conduct specialized classes in different areas of Visual Arts.


Primary 1 Recycled Paper Primary 2 Oil Pastel Technique
Primary 3 Craft Making Primary 4 Poster Color Technique
Primary 5 Chinese Ink Painting Primary 6 Ceramics



P.3 – Craft making


P.5 – Chinese Ink Painting



B: Art Activities


Our students have actively involved in local Art competitions. In the coming year, we will strike for better result and provide more exposure to the student by joining different competitions of different scales.




Finalists of ACE Art Competition 2022



C. Artwork



















Recommended Web-sites


Western Artists



  • – Provide online Arts Gallery.
  • Aser But – Provide profile of Aser But; Introduction to Aser But’s Art Works and Photos and Arts Exhibition.


Museum, Gallery and Exhibition Centre

  • University Museum and Art Gallery  – Display the collection of traditional Chinese Arts Works
    and Antiques; organize Chinese, Local and Western Arts Exhibition. A Tea Gallery is located in the Museum.
  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum – Located at Shatin. Provide a unique mix of history, art and culture in a great variety of programmes that cater for the wide-ranging interests of the public.
  • Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre – Provide well-equipped studios for trained artists practising in the fields of sculpture, printmaking and ceramics; Stated with the opening hours and address.
  • 香港資訊教育城展藝館 – A platform for the display of teachers ‘ and students’ Arts Works.