Aims of the Subject



Mandarin is the common language of Han Chinese. It is the language used by different Chinese races for communication. Therefore this course aims to teach student to master Mandarin in all aspects. On the other hand, learning of Mandarin will increase the patriotism amongst. This course focuses on developing the speaking ability of the students.



All Mandarin teachers in our school meet the minimum qualification requirement set by the government. The classes have Mandarin as a medium of instruction. Appropriate focus is laid for different levels of Mandarin classes. For Primary 1-2, teachers focus on learning the tone of the language, Primary 3-4, are taught on the technique of “changing of tone”, Primary 5-6, learn the pronunciation related to selected articles. Besides, we also encourage students to start self-learning and encourage each other, so that molds them with righteous character and improve their language ability.
For training in Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening, please refer to the diagram below:






課本聆聽練習(Exercise on Textbook Listening)

分組討論(Group Discussion)

朗讀課文(Reading of Text)

課堂課本練習(Textbook Exercise in class)

故事分享(Story Sharing)

角色扮演(Role Playing)

繞口令(Tongue Twisters)

工作紙(Exercise on paper)

聆聽兒歌(Listening of  Children Rhythms)

課堂表演( Performance in  class)

誦讀兒歌(Reading/Singing of Children Rhythms)

黑板上練習(Exercise on the blackboard)


Subject Activity


1 To encourage students to bring use of Mandarin in their lives; converse in Mandarin with teachers and fellow students.
2 To encourage student to listen and speak Mandarin more with the help of AV material and exercise in the textbook, it strengthens their knowledge of Mandarin.
3 To adopt interactive approach such as – rhymes singing, tongue twister practicing, riddle solving and storytelling to raise the interest of learning of the students.
4 To encourage students to learn Mandarin with the aids of multimedia.
5 To encourage students to read various Mandarin books.
6 Setup “Mandarin Corner” to increase chances for students to practice Mandarin.
7 The teacher-in-charge of Mandarin plays mandarin songs/stories during lunch time in order to create a positive Mandarin-learning atmosphere in the campus.




Results of 66th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 2015-2016







Recommended Website


1 普通話頻道,提供音樂、時事財經、生活資訊、文化教育等節目
2 歌曲問答遊戲、粵普字詞配對及點唱廳
3 成語動物園