Physical Education



Aims of the Subject


  1. To acquire skills and knowledge in Physical Education and to develop a positive value and attitude
    in having healthy and active lifestyle.
  2. To improve students’ health, physical fitness as well as agility through promoting an active and
    positive lifestyle
  3. To help our students’ to develop righteous ethical behavior and judgment by applying teamwork
    in daily life, and to prepare them with the ability in appreciating graceful movement and posture
    in sports.



Introduction of Curriculum

To enrich the learning experience of our students, the school participates in The School Sports
Program (SSP) organized by the Leisure and Cultural Service Department of Hong Kong.
Certified Tutors are invited to teach students with the topics stated below. Some of the topics
require the participants to pass examination during the process, which increases the exposure
of them in the subject.


The Specialized Physical Fitness items taught in each grade:

班級(Grade) 專項活動名稱(Specialized Item) 班級(Grade) 專項活動名稱(Specialized Item)
一年級(Primary 1) 基礎體適能(Fitness) 二年級(Primary 2) 基礎體適能(Fitness)
三年級(Primary 3) 跳繩(Rope Skipping) 四年級(Primary 4) 跳繩(Rope Skipping)
五年級(Primary 5) 躲避盤(Dodgebee) 六年級(Primary 6) 躲避盤(Dodgebee)






Extra Curriculum Physical Training course

Course Name
Table-Tennis Class
Cricket Course
Basketball Class
Swimming Class
Fencing Class









School Team

Name of the School Team Group
Athletics Boys, Girls
Basketball Boys, Girls
Football Boys
Swimming Boys, Girls
Fencing Boys, Girls
Table Tennis Boys, Girls



AnnualInter-schoolSports Day

Our annual Inter-school Sports Meeting last year was held at Wan Chai Stadium. It is a
large scale event among the Primary Schools in Hong Kong that more than 40 events
were scheduled. Beside the popular events among Boys/Girls/Mixed A-C groups, there
are also relay which are highly supported by the students as well as their parents.









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