Aims of the Subject:


  1. Develop students’ creativities and abilities of music appreciation, and allow the students to
    communicate effectively through music.
  2. Develop students’ aesthetic perception and cultural knowledge.
  3. Develop student’s musical abilities and knowledge, and their right values and attitudes.
  4. Students can enjoy and gain a sense of a satisfaction through their participation in music activities.


Introduction of curriculum:


  1. Develop and enhance students’ abilities in self-discipline, expression, focus, and coordination through
    music activities.
  2. Encourage students to attain happiness, enjoyment, and satisfaction through the participation in various
    kinds of music activities such as the playing of musical instruments, singing, listening and creations,
    and develop their passion and interest in music.
  3. Develop students’ abilities in music recognition and understanding, lead them to understand the
    elements of music systemically and to know about forms and styles of music.


Subject Introduction:


Music Specialization

  1. Strengthen students’ abilities in diversified kinds of music
  2. Broaden students’ musical knowledge
  3. Increase the opportunities for students to know more about musical instruments


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Glockenspiel Recorder Recorder African Drum Ukulele




School Team





School Activity (Fruit Month)







Recommended Websites


  • Mozart Intordution of Mozart’s biography and style
  • Beethoven Intordution of Beethoven’s biography and style
  • Tchaikovsky Intordution of Tchaikovshk’s biography and style
  • Pearson Online learning
  • Dictionary Online music dictionary