Aims of the Subject

  • To stimulate the interest of students in the learning of mathematics.
  • To develop students’ understanding and acquisition of basic mathematical concepts and computational skills.
  • To develop students’ creativity, and their ability to think, communicate and solve problems.
  • To develop students’ number sense and spatial sense, and their ability to appreciate patterns and structures of number and shapes.
  • To enhance students’ lifelong learning abilities through basic mathematical knowledge.


Introduction of curriculum

  • Focus on students’ understanding and mastering the concept of mathematics.
  • Guide students in applying their knowledge in daily life.
  • Encourage students to express their thoughts in different ways by the means of learning activities. It is important for students to realize that mathematics is actually related to the problems they encounter in day-to-day situations, which will help to increase their interest in the subject.
  • Small class size allows teachers to take care of individual student’s learning needs. Students have better chances to participate in group discussions. It helps to build up the concept of Abstract Mathematics.
  • Teachers prepare different levels of mathematics worksheet for the students. Teachers regularly strive to introduce creative ideas along with interesting topics to arouse students’ initiative and logical thinking in mathematics.
  • Mathematical training courses are organized to improve students’ mathematical thinking, logical and problem solving skills. It helps to arouse students’ interest in mathematics and develop high order thinking skills through different learning activities.


Subject Activities

  • Individual speed calculation competition
  • Fun with Maths Station
  • After school Mathematic interest courses


Classroom activities



When one said learning Mathematics is boring and difficult, students learn it through
different activities in CSSHK. Hands on activities can provide students with more
interesting learning environment.  














Students are having fun in learning with Electronic devices.


Game booth assessment










Otherthan written assessments, we provide students with performance assessments.


Fun with Maths station












Students are eagerly to take part in answering the challenging questions during recess and lunch time.


Maths interest classes



Students attend maths interest classes after school in order to experience different learning styles.


Recommended Websites

Voting result from our students


P.1-P.3 Math Playground
P.4-P.6 Arcademic Skill Builder
Coolmath Games


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