Aims of the Subject


The Aim of this subject is to provide students with opportunities to enable them to:

1. Develop cognitive skills in computing through understanding the basic  concept in computer science.

2. Understand the current development in information technology.

3. Solve problems by making use of information technology.


Introduction of the Subject


Our computer lab is located at the 4th floor and consists of 35 desktops for teaching and learning during lessons and extra curriculum classes.All students have one lesson for computer studies per week. For Primary 1-3 students, the main focus is learning the basic computing techniques and software applications, such as Tux Paint, paint and Microsoft Word. For Primary 4-6 students, they learn software such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, Paint.Net, Google, Photo Impact, NVU as well as Q9 Chinese input.

Through the curriculum, students acquire the knowledge of different software as well as the application of information technology, which allows them to make use of these essential elements in life-long learning.



Student Corner


Scratch Creative Learning Activity


P.2 eCard design
We cooperate with the LEAD Centre, providing a Scratch learning course which teaches students to use this free program to create a maze game  

Students work hard to learn how to use the software to create game


During the process, student drew many transportation logos, such as bus, MTR, trams and trains and painted them.


Who said maze must be a square? Our student just take a turn, the whole feeling of the maze is different.


P.5 Scratch lesson masterpiece



P.5 Scratch lesson masterpiece


Scratch Day Hong Kong 2011



Recommended Web-sites


1.IT eBook


2. 倉頡之友˙香港( 香港教育學院) – 學習倉頡及速成輸入法


3. 倉頡輸入法( 香港中文大學) – 學習倉頡輸入法


4. Q9 Chinese Input System( Q9 Technology Holdings Limited) – Introduction of Q9 Chinese Input System


5. Dreamweaver 4 ( EDB ) – Self-learning Dreamweaver software


6. Scratch