• To provide every learner of English as second language with opportunities for extending the knowledge and experience of cultures of other people as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English speaking environment.
  • To enable every learner to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology; these demands include the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.


  • The English department at CSSHK is committed to cultivate a rich and enjoyable environment for students to learn English. Thus, we have introduced a variety of thematic teaching programs to fulfill students’ English language learning proficiency.
  • Starting in 2010, we began the implementation of the Read Write Inc. Program in key stage one.  It is a synthetic phonics-based program that ensures early success in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Our school has been selected as one of the participating schools in the Collaborative Research and Development (“Seed”) Projects Scheme, (Grammar and e-learning for Communication(Gel.com)). Students are benefit from the project through authentic communication as well as developing their writing skills.We also adopt informal and flexible modes of teaching like ‘SCOLAR Drama-in-Education English Alliance’ in both Key Stages.


Results of 68th Solo Verse Speaking Competition 2016-2017


Student’s name Result


Magboo Samantha Kate C 88 (1st)
Pierrepont Sophia Lucy Sarah 86(2nd)
Zakher Tatiana Andrea R 86(3rd)
Khan Kashish Alam 85 (3rd )
Kaur Simran 84
Lor Kristina Cassandra 83
Tamang Sejal 82
Hill Lilly Napatsorn 84
Lau Lok Yu 85
Boholst Angela Salangsang 83
Ayson Freshly Anne C 85
Poon Ling Sum 84
Acuesta Beyonce Lura 83
Thapa Kritika 82
Thapa Akriti 82
Alog Mary Joy Garcia 83
Curtis Panisara Fiona 83
Chan Kei Ching Lavon 84
Lee Yan Lum 84
Lui Shuk Yee 81
Gurung Sharmila 81
Rana Darshana 84
Sanguyo Caithleen Rose Legaspi 83
Lozada Shobi Alabat 82
Syabrina Gurung 85
Brar Sukhman Kaur 85
Choy Hau Yiu 82
Mariano Sloane Jane 82
Hernandez Maria Louisa A 86
Singh Bhairavi 82
Bavithi Sanchana 85
Bisht Tanya 85
Chembakassery Santhosh Bhadra 83
Velasquez Dasha Mae Rodriguez 85
Corpuz Georgette Anne Alipio 84
Kaur Gurvir 81
Guese Hannah Dennise Lacson 84
Gurleen Kaur 85
Harini Kumaran 84
Golez Rhea Marie 77
Kaur Harjasvir 82


Maguigad Joshua Paul Lucing 89 (1st)
Bolus Mannix Andrew 91 (3rd)
Calaguas Hanh Brylle Manansala 87 (3rd)
Thapa Apil 87 (3rd)
Ray Choudhury Anagha 87 (3rd)
Chan Kei Yau Ozvin 82
Trias Leion Josef Grecko Narag 83
Macatuman Tobin Bradley 83
Malavega Shiloh Dyllan Buxani 82
Lee Pok Him Evan 86
Hui Sum Hong 76
Metra Josh Gabriel Gutierrez 87
Leduc Jeremie Refuerzo 85
Mah Siu Hong 78
Paget Alexander James Ilano 82
Khan Muhammad Maadh 80
Kalathur Swathi Hrishikesa 84
Nazareno Edric Paolo Ocba 86
Nacis Mike Vincent Angelo Panos 84
Thapa Kishor 84
Rai Nirvan 78
Agus Nathaniel Brook 80
Velasco Mark Jacob 84
Buhia Jeremy Hugh De La Cruz 82
Rajput Jagjit Singh 82
Rana Ilesh 80
Sharma Jatin 82
Shrestha Sujal 84
Cheung Lik Kee Nicky 85











Halloween Activies





Drama Activities 


Learning English through acting motivates students and encourages creativity.








Useful websites


1. Self-learning resources





2. Fun games, stories and comprehensive web guide for kids





3. On-line stories, reading resources and related activities