Aims of the Subject


  • Chinese language learning, with Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking as key aspects, promotes learning in other learning strands (Literature, Chinese Culture, Moral and Affective Development, Thinking and Independent Language Learning). In the process of learning, different learning strands are mutually correlated instead of fragmented.
  • In the learning process, language knowledge acquisition, language awareness and sense development, language learning interest fostering, good learning attitudes and habits development are duly emphasized.
  • Language is the vehicle of thoughts and feelings. Learning Chinese language is the way to cultivate disposition and morality.
  • Learning Chinese language can enrich students’ knowledge of Chinese Culture, students may learn to recognize the splendid Chinese Culture and develop their affection towards their country and nationality.
  • In Chinese Language Education, the development of positive values and attitudes through nurturing moral and affective dimensions, learning of literature as well as Chinese culture has long been emphasized.


Introduction of Subject


  • Our Chinese Language Education is student-oriented. We provide multi-composite learning activities to the students, to magnify the exchange of different cultures amongst the diverse nationalities of the students in the school.
  • In recent years, through working with The University of Hong Kong in adjusting curriculum and preparing lessons under the “Language Support Program”, students have benefited from different approach to teaching and their interest in learning has improved. Our school also puts significant efforts in promoting reading which helps develop students’ regular reading habit.
  • Since September, 2012, our school has set up a school-based curriculum for P.1-P.3 Non-Chinese students and worked with Pearson to set up a school-based curriculum in P.4-P.6. to cater for learning differences.
  • Our school has set up a learning platform “The Language Corner” to encourage students to involve actively in interesting activities to raise their self-learning ability and interest to learn Chinese language. Students are also encouraged to speak Cantonese on “Chinese Day” (every Tuesday) to enhance their communication skill.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in different writing, calligraphy and speech competitions to boost their confidence in language learning and become an all-rounded language learner.


Subject Activity


  • Chinese Day 


To encourage students to speak Cantonese, enhance their communication skill.











































  • Set up “Chinese Language Corner”



 To trigger students’ imagination and thinking ability, interest and confidence in learning Chinese language by designing

 interesting Chinese language questions.
























  • Chinese New Year Celebration Activity



To let Non-Chinese and Chinese students learn about traditional Chinese Festivals through activities with different themes.


























學生園地 Student Corner


1.   中文百達通 Chinese 100


2.   朗文中國語文  iLongman


3.   啟思中國語文網 KeysChinese


4.    中英對照香港學校中文學習基礎字詞
(Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools)