Incorporated Management Committee (IMC)

Objectives of IMC and Aims and School Mission


Objectives of IMC:

Invite stakeholders (representatives of school sponsoring body, principal, members of the society, elected representatives of parents, teaching staff and alumni ) to take part in school decisions, so as to enhance transparency and accountability of school management to improve education quality of the school.


School Mission:

In accordance with School Motto ‘Propriety, Righteousness, Integrity and The Sense of Shame’ , to educate our new generations and create a pleasant, clean, healthy and harmonious learning environment aims to prompt students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development.


List of IMC Members:

Dr. CHENG King Hoi, Andrew MH Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Tong Tai Wai, Raphael Sponsoring Body Manager
Ms. Chan Wei Ting, Barbara Sponsoring Body Manager
Ms. Lau Man Man, Lisa Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Ko Ming Tung, Edward Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Chau Chun Tat, Danny Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Wu Yim Chung Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Edward Yu Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Chim Hon Ming MH Principal Ex-officio Manager
Dr. Lau Chor Chiu Alumni Manager
Mr. Chan Tak Hang Independent Manager
Ms. Joanne Pauline Baldon-Sandoval Parent Manager
Ms. Jessica Chui Alternate Parent Manager
Ms. Leung Po Shan Teacher Manager
Ms. Pang Shuk Ting Alternate Teacher Manager