Photo of IMC members & Teaching staff


Teachers’ Qualifications


Professional undertaking

  • Teach students with love and determination
  • Establish healthy and confident image for students
  • Equip students for future challenges
Teacher ratio
100% PGDE, 4% Master Degree, 98% Bachelor Degree,18% Special Education/Counseling training.
Ratio of subject teachers attaining Benchmark Examinations

Putonghua teachers: 100%

English teachers: 100%

Teaching experience
0-4 years:42%, 5-9 years:25%, 10 years or above: 33%
Specialized teaching
Specialized teaching for English subjects, professional assistance offered for Putonghua and sports and arts subjects.
Number of teachers:49
Native-speaking English teacher (NET) : 2
Teaching assistant (TA): 4
School Counsellor:     1
Teacher-student ratio:  1 : 11