History of 80 years of School Development (1923 to 2007)



The 3rd committee of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce past the decision of establishing a school locating at where Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce situated – 29 Connaught Road West. The school was registered under the name ‘Chiu Sheung School, Hong Kong’ and the Manager 關汪若先生 was appointed as the principal.


Adaptation of Hong Kong system: 7 years of primary schooling for graduation – ‘3 years of senior schooling and 4 years of junior schooling’. There were 5 classes with a total of 94 students.


First graduation ceremony was held.


203 Wing Lok Street was rented for the establishment of a new school branch.


Relocated to 87 & 89 Des Voeux Road West with the chamber. Change of school system: 6 years of primary schooling for graduation – ‘2 years of senior schooling and 4 years of junior schooling’.


Established Chinese, English and Mathematics courses for senior schooling graduates to continue with their education.


Rebuilt 4th floor of 87-89 Des Voeux Road West into classrooms (the 5th to 16th years of senior students graduated from this school). Expansion of library, table tennis room and developed sports ground for student cooperative union.


Suspension of school due to Japanese occupation of Hong


Restoration of Hong Kong, preparation of reopening of school at 29 Connaught Road West, where the chamber located.


Reopening of school from primary 1 to primary 4 levels, with 4 classes and a total of about 110 students.


Established a new branch at Shek Tong Tsui, Western District at 564-570 Queens’ Road West. The roof was constructed as sports ground, and there were a total of 15 classrooms. The main and branch campuses accommodated a total of about 260 students. 18 students graduated that year (17th year of graduation, which means the first year of graduation after the reopening).


There were a total of about 420 students studying at the main and branch campuses. Graduation ceremony of that year was held at the Central Theater.


Secondary schooling was organized at the branch campus, and the number of students was increased to about 500.
Graduation ceremony of that year was held at Tai Ping Theater.



Assisted fellow children who could not secure an education through proposal of free night schooling.


Start of the free night schooling, with a total of 142 students.
Graduation ceremony of that year was held at Kam Ling Restaurant.


13 students graduated as the first-year graduates of junior secondary schooling.


The foundation stone was laid at the new school located at Pok Fu Lam Road, where secondary and primary schools shared the same campus.
Primary schooling was divided into morning and afternoon schools, with morning school as private primary school and afternoon school as aided primary school.


Primary 1 to 6 comprised a total of 24 classes. Chinese and English night schools were also established for interested teenagers to continue with their education.
31st graduation ceremony for morning school and 1st graduation ceremony for afternoon school were held with a total of 116 graduates.


1st graduation ceremony of the free night school for senior primary schooling was held with 25 graduates.

The 1st track and field games were held at the Hong Kong Stadium.


Morning school was switched into government aided primary school. Secondary school campus was established with the expansion of east wing. A total of 12 classes from form 1 to 5 were started and Chinese and English night schools were also set up.
Recommended form 5 students to attend the HKCEE for the first time.


Establishment of Parent-Teacher Association.


All form 1 vacancies were handed over to the Education Department for allocation through Secondary School Entrance Examination (SSEE).


Secondary school was relocated to Ma On Shan in Shatin. Former classrooms were allocated as primary school campus to increase the number of Resource Classes classrooms, recreation rooms and counseling rooms.
Concert was held.


Air-conditioners were installed in all classrooms.
Arts exhibition with a thousand of exhibits.


Open Day: Celebrated the 30th year of establishment of Pok Fu Lam Road Campus and showed learning results of students.
Graduation ceremony was held at the Hong Kong City Hall.


Activity Approach had been promoted to primary 1-3 classes.


Full implementation of target-oriented curriculum. Addition of activity room.


Switched to whole-day primary schooling.



1st graduation of whole-day primary schooling.
Establishment of central library.
Approval of Hong Kong Jockey Club fund to purchase Chinese Orchestra instruments.


Set up a pole for annual flag raising ceremony starting from 2000.
Completion of fundamental I.T. facilities.
Approval of Quality Education Fund for promoting Chinese Orchestra.


Formal establishment of the 1st Parent-Teacher Association and registration as a legal society.


Chinese Cultural Variety Show was held at the school hall to promote Chinese culture.
Approval of Quality Education Fund for changing recreation room into toy library to inspire students’ creative thinking.


To match the teaching target of ‘getting out of the classrooms to care for the society’, variety show showing Chiu Sheung’s care to the community was held for elderly living in Central and Western areas at the Sheung Wan Civic Centre.
Senior School Development Officer Mrs. Lung Tong Yuk Kwan of Education Department, School supervisor Mr. Yip Chi Kwong and Management Committee members hosted the opening ceremonies of the library corner at the concourse and English reading room.
Installation of air-conditioner at the school hall sponsored by Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce.
Conducted quality assurance inspection.
Family Shanghai exchange tour was held.
Full implementation of Activity approach from primary 1 to 6 classes.


Open Day and Carnival for the 80th anniversary of school’s founding were held. Hong Kong Chiu Sheung School Alumni Association was formally established.


Hong Kong Chiu Sheung School was appointed by the EDB as a designated school for admitting non-Chinese speaking students on 24 August 2007.
Incorporated Management Committee was set up on 31 August 2007.